About Us

Short history started as a free, community focused, media (image, gif and video) uploader for the nostr social media platform on December 24th, 2022. Check out our original website before @rob and @nahuelg5 completely redesigned it!’s main purpose is to help grow the nostr ecosystem by providing a free, web based, API or application integrated way to upload user’s favorite media. We believe in a transparent, community approach to media moderation and open source code. v1

Some of’s key principles include:

- Always provide a free service that will keep uploaded media as accurate and as long as possible, ’Archived!’
- No ads! No commercial advertisements!
- Only community projects, nostr builders, educators, creators, developers, artists and memes. Just ask us.
- Provide value for value to users including new features, integrations, support, and responsive communication.

Free services’s key objective is to offer a free, no ads, reliable, long time storage of media for the nostr community.
We will also continue to add additional features to our free service, including:
- Media (images, audio and video) uploads up to (7MB) hosted on Cloudflare
- Cloudflare global CDN network for images and GIFs
- No ads! Only community projects, nostr builders, creators, devs, artists and memes
- Profile picture uploader that properly shrinks, crops and puts your PP in a hidden folder
- API (NIP96 and Proprietary) for all nostr applications, projects and developers was recently honored to be part of the first wave of nostr devs to receive a grant from the OpenSats public charity focused on Bitcoin and Nostr projects. Although this will help greatly with R&D, new projects, growth and overages, the goal is to keep ‘self-sustainable’ through account earnings.

** People often ask, “how do you cover costs for free services?"

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Accounts account logo offers accounts with premium features charged annually. Accounts can be purchased with a lighting wallet or Bitcoin. Proceeds are kept on lighting node and used for all expenses: AWS, CDN, storage, development, domains, etc.

** Purchasing an account not only gives you premium features, you're also supporting a free, no ads, open source service for nostr!
** Purchase an account HERE!

Account features include:
- Global CDN network: super fast access for all media including videos
- AI Studio: Image Generation and more for Creator and Advanced accounts
- Large Video Support: upload videos up to account sizes 10/20/100GB
- Delete: your media after posted by clicking the checkbox
- Private Folders: Click on ‘New Folder’ in the left menu bar, name your folder and click Create
- Backup on S3: Content is backed up on seperate providers, AWS S3 amnd Cloudflare
- View All: over 1.5million images, GIFs and videos can be seen from all free media ever uploaded
- Creators Page: lets you make your media publically available on the popular Creators page
- TOR Links (coming soon): add another layer of privacy to Creator and Advanced accounts
- AI Enhanced Search (coming soon): search any free media ever uploaded to with AI enhanced labels and keywords
- All media must align to's Terms of Service
** See all Plans and features

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